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Considering a visit to Fun4Two

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My wife and I have been discussing visiting a swingers club. We both are interested in the idea and my wife does love showing off her body in her tiny swimsuits on holidays, so does love the attention she gets from guys. She does have a good body, with a great shaped ass.

We started discussing boundarires. My wife is quite a liberal person, bordering on being a hippy. She has always said that if we did go to somewhere then she wouldn't mind what I did with another woman as long as she was in the room with us.

She was less keen to do much with the other woman's husband. At first she said she would be only comfortable with him sucking her tits while she played with herself and that maybe he could put a finger in her at the same time. She would then be happy to finish him off with a handjob.

After I explained that condoms are mandatory in most places she seemed a little more relaxed and said that she would be prepared to give the guy a blowjob. The other night she told me that given that the other wife would most likely be having full sex with me she decided that she would be ok giving the husband anal in the doggystyle position while she used a vibrator on her own clit.  For her anal is not a bit deal and the ultimate for her is sex in her pussy (most other people see it the other way around). She said though that she would want the guy to carry on sucking her tits if he finished before she did.

Fun4Two is not so far from us (couple of hours drive), so just wondering if you think this place might be somewhere where this kind of thing might work out as we discussed. 

Thanks for all the feedback.

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Never been in Fun4Two, but if you ask for my opinion I wouldn't go that far in all the details and the things that can or must happen on such a night. Our experience is that eacht night is different and if you want to determine in advance precisely what has to happen you most probably will both be disapointed at the end of the night.

Just make some overall appointments on respecting the limits of each of you, see what happens and, most of all, have fun!

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